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“Brazilian Composer and pianist Henrique Eisenmann effortlessly braids ideas from disparate traditions and disciplines on this rigorously conceived quartet outing….” (READ MORE)

The Free Poetics of Henrique Eisenmann

(by Raul da Gama) "But in literally everything he does he leaves the listener breathless, for scarcely has one thought through one Henrique Eisenmann idea, than another comes into being, unfolding musically more beautiful than the first (...) Clearly this is an album to die for especially to fans of Brasilian music."



Poetry and Jazz: Bloom, Wilson, Eisenmann, and Hersch

“The Free Poetics of Henrique Eisenmann” (on Red Piano Records) is a reminder that jazz musicians come from all over the world and jazz settings of poetry are not limited to the English language" ...

CD REVIEW: The free poetics of henrique eisenmann

"The Free Poetics is eclectic in inspiration, but unified by the distinctive, intriguing vision of Henrique Eisenmann seeking, wherever inspiration may lead, the elusive soul of art." ...       (AJ Dehany)                           


The free poetics of henrique eisenmann

"New York-based Brazilian pianist Henrique Eisenmann gathers an attractively eclectic quartetto give wings to his free, erudite, and often blatantly rhythmic composures(...) It confirms how jazz can work beautifully with other influences, making its universe a better place." ...


Henrique Eisenmann's nifty notions of plucking music from silence

"The pianist Henrique Eisenmann makes music out of the still center of contemplation, letting influences that vary from dance forms to childish recitations nurture the quartet music of "The Free Poetics of Henrique Eisenmann"...

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 "Drawing inspiration from different folk world rhythms, chants, voices, poems and animal sounds, Henrique creates a unique musical universe, modern, thought-provoking, but at the same time lyrical and playful."


Gustavo D’Amico, Jorge Roeder & Rogerio Boccato: The Free Poetics of Henrique Eisenmann

The compositions display a folksy and flowing atmosphere, with gentle piano work on “Anthropophagy” and the gracious trio of “Sarabande No. 2” as well as a rumbling “Zumbi.” Traditional melodies are heard on “Epillogue” an d”Introduction” along with children’s voices in the background..."

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The free poetics of Henrique Eisenmann (JAPAN)

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The free poetics of henrique eisenmann (Jazz Podium - Germany)

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The Free Poetics Of Henrique Eisenmann (Netherlands)

(by Eddie Determeyer) "De van oorsprong Braziliaanse pianist en componist Henrique Eisenmann houdt van contrasten, van het samenvoegen van elkaar schijnbaar uitsluitende stijlelementen. Ik moest denken aan de collages die bepaalde materieschilders in de jaren vijftig vervaardigden..."